Energy security

Your company is constantly on the move. Just like your production processes. So you want to be able to build on and rely on the continuity of your energy supply. Because this is how you keep your machines, processes and the organisation going. Fudura helps you to achieve this important energy security.

The infrastructure of tomorrow

We design, build, manage and maintain sustainable energy infrastructures. And we have been doing so for years. That's why we know the Dutch energy infrastructure inside out..

Our specialists work daily on the energy infrastructure of today and tomorrow. Ask our advisors about your continuity issues. We translate your questions into certainty. That is to say, energy security.

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Battery storage and spare capacity

Generating energy with solar panels is by far the most popular form of energy. But how do you deal with your energy consumption as efficiently as possible?

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You may be an intensive energy user because continuity is crucial to your business process. Ovens need to stay at the right temperature or production lines need to keep moving. Maintenance of your energy systems is therefore very important. After all, a malfunction can shut down your entire business process. And that is exactly what you do not want.

Saving starts with monthly insight into your gas consumption

Do you have sustainable ambitions and do you want to save on your gas consumption? Do you have a large gas connection and the consumption is less than 170,000 m3? Then take big steps and start today.

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The loss of power is kept to a minimum."