Making it more sustainable

With the new Climate Act, we are accelerating from sustainable thinking to sustainable action. For entrepreneurs in particular, legislation involves energetic issues. We help you find sustainable answers.

Taking sustainable steps

How can I save energy? What is possible in my situation if I want to take steps with renewable energy? And can I get a subsidy? How can I gain insight into my current energy performance? How do I comply with the energy saving information requirement? Business issues are diverse and our solutions are always suitable. So please discuss the possibilities for your organisation with Fudura. Taking sustainable steps together, that's the idea.
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Energy label C

Do you own or rent an office? Then you have to sit down together to make agreements about the sustainable road to 2023. Who pays the costs for this sustainability? For example, installations are often paid for by the landlord, while the tenant probably bears the investment for lighting. You lay down such agreements.

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Go off-grid or go neutral

Electricity consumption is set to rise sharply in the coming years. It may be your ambition to be independent of the electricity grid by then. Autarkic energy systems, or off-grid systems, are systems that are not dependent on a connection to the mains for their energy supply.

SDE+ Biogas

Reduction of greenhouse gases and improvement of the ecological footprint are on the agenda of more and more companies. Processing biomass residual flows is fully in line with this aim.

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Together we continuously work on future-oriented and energy-rich solutions. With this in mind, Fudura and Omrin work together on circular solutions."