A meter for certainty

Metering responsibility

As a large-scale energy consumer, you need a metering operator. Your company must have a meter from which the metering data is read out and validated. Fudura takes this responsibility! We supply and install the energy meter, read and collect the necessary metering data and send the data to your network operator. Of course we also take care of the inspection and maintenance of the meter.

Metering company, network operator, supplier. Who does what?

A metering company is certified to install, manage and maintain energy meters. In addition, a metering company measures the energy consumption on the basis of the statutory electricity and gas metering code. Fudura is such a metering company, but also provides insight into your energy consumption with extensive data services.

The network operator owns and operates the gas and electricity networks. It is responsible for cables and pipelines and their maintenance. You cannot select a network operator. Who your network operator is, depends on the place where your company is located. Would you like to know who your network operator is? You can check this using the EAN code book.

An energy supplier supplies electricity and/or gas to individuals and businesses. The energy can be purchased from producers or produced by the supplier himself. You can choose your own energy supplier.

How does the corporate energy market work?

If your company has at least one connection larger than 3x 80 amps (electricity) or larger than 40 m3 per hour (gas), you are a large business customer. You receive various invoices, but from whom and for what?