We are Fudura

Without us, the activities of 25,000 customers would come to a standstill. That is why we provide a reliable energy infrastructure and the smartest insights into energy performance.

Your sustainable start

Fudura designs, implements, manages and maintains your sustainable energy infrastructure and adds data intelligence when desired. We have been doing this for decades, which is why we know the Dutch energy infrastructure like the back of our hand. Every day, our 300 specialists are working on the current and future energy infrastructure. This is how we innovate with maximum effect, because we believe in a world that uses energy efficiently and fairly. All this starts with you as an organisation. As a strategic partner, we are happy to help you with your steps in the energy transition. And we will continue to manage and innovate after the implementation.

We are Fudura

Every day, we help about 25,000 customers to improve their energy performance through consumption insight and the energy infrastructure.



Our objective is to continuously improve our products and services for the benefit of our customers. The health, safety and well-being of our employees, visitors and customers are paramount. Hence we are certified in accordance with the following guidelines (only in Dutch): 

CO2 performance ladder (reduction of CO2 emissions)

ISO 9001 (quality policy)

SCC Management system

Stichting Vrienden van Bambanani

Fudura helps the youngest generation in South Africa to become self-reliant in energy. 

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