Energetic self-reliance in South Africa

Every day, we help Dutch companies to improve their energy performance. In addition, we want to look further to implement our vision, also across the borders.

Fudura is, therefore, committed to Stichting Vrienden van Bambanani in South Africa to give the youngest generation of South Africa a better future. To date, the foundation has set up 84 schools where 4,200 children aged 0 to 6 are given a safe home and receive proper care. The aim is to make every school self-reliant as quickly as possible, also in the field of sustainability.

Fudura realises

By working together, we will provide these schools with the basic energy needs; namely gas and electricity. In the Netherlands, gas and electricity are self-evident, but not so for these schools. We help by, for example, ensuring that the schools have enough gas cylinders to cook safely on a gas stove instead of a wood fire. Furthermore, we will gradually provide the Bambanani schools with solar panels.

Colleagues of Fudura will go on site to train people and relay the technical expertise. This means energy will continue to be generated sustainably in the long term. And our customers contribute to achieving this fantastic objective.

Want to find out more about Bambanani? Please visit bambanani.org.

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